Wedding Planning with Peace of Mind

Congratulations on your upcoming celebration! This is an exciting time.  But the planning process can also be tiresome, frustrating, and overwhelming.  This is where Golden Apple Events will happily step in. 

Allow us to help you along the way. This is your day and your time to shine. We treat all our clients as individuals and strongly believe that every wedding is unique and a one-sized-fits-all solution does not work. Our past experience in wedding planning has allowed us to offer tailor made services that would simplify the wedding planning process for our couple without sacrificing on service, quality, and affordability. We are also happy to develop a customized plan for your unique event with your help and input. Contact us today with your details and we will customize a package that suits your event.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  •        Consultation 
  •       “Day-Of” Coordination
  •        Full Wedding Planning
  •        Special Events

Our Method

Consistency is key to our approach. We will assist you to stay on track with your budget and tasks while maintaining the vision you have for your event. We approach the planning process with a structured and organized strategy that is crafted with your constant involvement and input. We will always maintain enough flexibility to allow for quick and creative solutions when unplanned situations arise and plans need adjusting.

Contact our experienced wedding planner today and let us help you make this an unforgettable and extraordinary occasion for you and your guests.




“Lara is a very dynamic person and she makes a great wedding planner. She handled the burden and stress we were going through during the final weeks of our wedding, she arranged and organized everything and made sure to communicate with all vendors and wrap up all preparations smoothly. It was a very stressful time for us and her presence was a blessing. The comments we heard from family and friends who attended the wedding are enough to know how amazing Lara is! Everyone was amazed by her and they liked her so much, we heard extremely positive comments about her performance and attitude from everyone. She handled the wedding and coordinated everything like a boss!”

– Racha A.

Photo credit: Photos by Emmah

“I need to let you know that Lara from Golden Apple Events was my saviour! I moved to the US a month before my wedding with a new job, and she took only a day to really jump into the fire and wrap everything up in that last month! Thank you so much! I can’t believe my wedding and reception was on time.”

– Shalini S.

Photo credit: Stephanie Platero Photography